Fair Hostess and Exhibition Hostess


Fair Hostess and Exhibition Hostess

Our team has 140 turkish fair hostess.All of hostesses are know English and turkish.Fair hostess are the only Majeste Agency to have a dedicated exhibition sales division.

Fair hostesses know that companies can not always bring their sales team to the show particularly if they are international customers.
Exhibition Girls intelligent and proactive sales staff will represent your company and act as a seamless extension to your sales team.Exhibition hostesses sales staff are experienced in lead spotting, stopping passers by, making new sales and generating leads.

Exhibition hostess sales staff have technology and IT experience and can be trained on any product via skype or in a face to face product and company with your team before the show.

turkish fair hostess majeste agency

Exhibition hostesses also provide multi-lingual sales staff to translate for international customers and show visitors.Exhibition hostesses sales staff are degree level educated and many are multi-lingual with marketing and business knowledge.

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Through our many years of experience with international promotion clients, we, at Instyle Models offer a large circle of professional and experienced trade show models and hostesses. We deal with your enquiries individually and are very happy to help.

Turkish exhibition hostess

Your idea for the role of the hostess for your show or promotion will be discussed with you in detail and then requested in our portfolio. We have an exclusive range of choice of models to suit your needs. Whether it is hair colour, dress size, athleticism or even linguistic skills – we have the right model for you.

The advantage of having a model hostess compared to a normal hostess is easy to see: they meet the specific proportions and have a very elegant and charming appearance. They proceed with your promotion in a skilful and professional manner to please your customers. It is also of course worth remembering a hostess’s duty includes talking with the client and offering advice.  That is why it is very important to use models who have had experience in promotion and who can express themselves in a sophisticated manner.

Turkish fair hostess agency istanbul

Fair hostesses and models have a sales-boosting effect and can increase the sale of goods significantly during and after the Exhibition. Our perception is mostly purely suggestive – therefore do not underestimate the subconscious effect that your choice of model can have on your clients to promote your product. You can rely on us to offer you professional support for your choice of hostesses so do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

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